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Cocktail Only Menu

Stand up cocktail 


-Red peppered lavosh w ham & rocket 

-Salmon nori rolls w wasabi soy (GF)

-Chorizo on corn crusted bread
-Leek & blue cheese flan (V)

-Tomato & basil bruschetta
-Oriental chicken skewers teriyaki style (GF)

-Olive tapenade w crisp-bread (V)
-Char-grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (GF)
-Feta and spinach Pastries served w roasted tomato and basil sauce (V)

-Potato and Brie tartlets (V)

-Hummus with crisp lavash and olive oil (V)

-Mushroom and mozzarella risotto balls (V)

-Lamb kofta w mint cucumber and yoghurt raita

-Trout & asparagus wonton



This menu should be seen as a full meal running 3 hrs

Wedding Cocktail / Pizza /Dessert Menu 

Stand up cocktail canapes 


-Prawn, black sesame nori rolls

-Scallop, dill  & mango salad spoons 

-Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls with dipping sauce 

-Mushroom and mozzarella risotto balls

-Hummus w crisp lavash and olive oil

-Oriental chicken skewers teriyaki style

-Grilled Crispy asparagus sticks 

-Feta and spinach filo served - roasted tomato & basil sauce

-5 spice braised pork & slaw sliders

-Char-grilled asparagus & prosciutto

-Crispy salmon wontons with Kasundi    

-Lamb kofta with spiced yoghurt 


Wood-fired pizza selection   


-Roasted pumpkin and cumin, fetta, artichokes, onion jam, oregano & fetta 

-Seafood selection of salmon scallop and prawn

-Meat selection with local chorizo, prosciutto, salami, leg ham and pepperoni  

-Spiced chicken with preserved lemon & grilled fennel  

-Italian – rocket, prosciutto & Parmesan


Roaming Desserts

-Persian Love Cake

-Mini Beetroot, ginger ,sour cake 

-Quince lime tartlets

-Fig , honey ricotta crepes 

-Chia brulee Tarts 


This menu should be viewed as a full meal running for 3 hours

Gluten free pre-ordered

Three Course BBQ Style Menu w/Table Platters



-Freshly shucked oysters with lime
-Antipasto selection
-Cheese assortment
-Crisp breads


BBQ Meat Selection per table

-Grilled salmon fillet served with a preserved lemon & dill crust & Lime kasundi

-Peppered BBQ chicken with sweet soy Thai mint and steamed rice

-Grilled Beef Sirloin rare served with olive butter & jus

Salad Selection per table


-Roasted corn with cumin butter
-Lentil and current salad
-Organic garden salad
-Potato and caper salad
-Roma tomato and basil salad
-Rocket, parmesan and pear salad


-Date & coffee brulee
-Passion-fruit, peach & polenta cake
-Chocolate & orange pudding
-Poached pears with star anise & orange syrup

Canapes and Banquet Menu

Stand up canapes 


-Smoked salmon roulade with remoulade sauce
-Grilled local venison chorizo served on sourdough with balsamic

potato & brie tarts

-Crispy chicken spring rolls spiced tomato chutney
-Fetta and garden spinach pastries served w roasted tomato & basil sauce

-Mushroom & mozzarella risotto balls
-Prawn sticks with sweet chilli
-Lamb kofta
-Scallop & mango salad - spooned


Buffet Main Course

-Cajun style grilled chicken served with Olive butter & Jus.

-BBQ lamb rump wrapped with mustard, rosemary and prosciutto.
-Peppered salmon fillet with steamed bok choy & lime kasundi
-Caramelized onion tartlets served with mushroom ragout.
-Pickled red cabbage salad with toasted sesame seeds
-Rocket, pear and parmesan salad
-Roasted vegetable selection
-Potato, caper and ham salad

-Moroccan salad of butternut, chickpeas, cumin and hummus

-Organic garden salad



Option for a dessert table or to be served roaming

-Persian Love Cake

-Mini Beetroot, ginger ,sour cake 

-Quince lime tartlets

-Fig , honey ricotta crepes 

-Chia brulee Tarts 

Three Course Menu with Nibbles


-Grilled chorizo on sourdough
-Potato & brie tartlets
-Mango and scallop salad
-Leek and blue cheese tarts



-Corn crusted twist bread with local Olive Hill Farm extra virgin olive oil




-Fried quail breast in chick-pea batter
-Crisp sweet potato
-Cumin and yoghurt sauce

Main Course


-Grilled Lamb Cutlet wrapped in prosciutto served medium
-Field mushroom-filled w tarragon bread crust
-Onion and thyme jam
-Cabernet Jus
-Balsamic syrup
-Garden salad
-Potato Gratin


-Raspberry pannacotta
-Date & coffee Brulee
-Cinnamon shortbreads
-Optional cheese selection with crispbreads

Gourmet Catering Service

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